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(updated December-28-2014)
Here you will find current NEWS about our organization and our ongoing projects...

We support self aid projects in Maasai area.
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Dictionaries for Maasai Language completed

After almost four years of work, the dictionaries, which belong to the Maasai language book, have been completed. These dictionaries were presented to a Tanzanian publisher in Dar es Salaam for review in mid-December. These dictionaries (Eng'amusi) are available in German, English, French, Swahili and Portuguese and can be purchased for CHF 30.- in our Maasai shop or can be ordered online...







New cattle for Roger's herd of cows

In early December, before the rain season starts, the prices for cattle on the local market in Maasai area were, as usual, relatively low. Thanks to donations we were able to buy 2 new cattle for Roger's cow herd. These new cows are initially kept at Lengai's Boma and observed for any possible signs of disease. If the cows stay healthy, they will soon be given to needy Maasai families next year...







Handmade children's clothes

We are also happy about non-monetary donations such as handmade clothes. From time to time we also get donations of clothes such as lovingly hand-knitted clothes for infants and small children. These donations will be taken to the Maasai area by our members on their next visit. Handmade clothes are always an acceptable gift for needy Maasai families...







Christmas Special 2014

As every year our Maasai shop offers great ideas for Christmas presents to all our friends of Africa. In our online shop we sell handcrafts, hand-carved wooden spoons, as well as illustrated books and postcards with motifs from the Maasai area. The new 2015 "enkaina-e-retoto" calendar, illustrated with pictures of Massai children, can be ordered online for CHF 15.- here. The net income goes as always to our ongoing projects in the Maasai area...






Water tanks for schools in  Nyorrit

As with the school in Loiborsoit, we now want to install water tanks for collecting rainwater at the primary school in Nyorrit. For this purpose, gutters will be mounted on the existing roofs and roofs to be constructed at all old and new school buildings. Once we receive more donations, we'd like to install a minimum of 5000-liter water tanks for collecting rain water in 2015. The water tanks will be installed at each of the school buildings. Again, this project will be run in cooperation with "SSL", our Swedish partner organization...






New school building in Nyorrit

A few months ago we have started to built a new classroom in the school of Nyorrit in cooperation with "SSL", our Swedish partner organization. We are confident about our progress in this project. The building phase is advanced and only the roof has to be completed. We are looking forward to welcome our friends from Sweden in a few days who will visit our ongoing projects...





Volunteers in Maasai area

From time to time, our association receives volunteer requests for interning in Maasai area. We proudly announce that from January 2015 on, we will start a first experimental phase in cooperation with the MS-TCDC (Training Centre for Development Cooperation) in Usa River in Arusha ( We would like to offer new opportunities for volunteers in Massai area. After at least 2 or 3 weeks of Swahili language course at the MS-TCDC, our volunteers will be able to teach at the secondary schools in Tengeru near Arusha, for example. Alternatively, they will work in other operations and projects in the Maasai area. We look forward to new applications…






Primary School Zurich-Schwamendingen helps Schools in the Maasai Area

The fourth graders of primary school from Zurich-Schwamendingen have recently learned and heard about the culture of the Maasai and the situation of school children in the Maasai area. Last year, their class teacher Mr. Reto Caduff visited primary schools and ongoing projects of enkaina-e-retoto in Tanzania. Back in Switzerland, he has told the children about his experiences and impressions from the Maasai. His pupils want to help to improve the situation in schools in Maasai area. Therefore, the pupils have made some African handcrafts and goods that they are going to sell in the school neighborhood. With the proceeds from this sale, they want to donate simple wooden school desks and also other important educational materials to the schools in the Maasai area...






Build lion-proof livestock pens

We help the Maasai from Loiborsoit to strengthen the protection of their livestock enclosure fences near the Tarangire National Park. The tree cuttings of African myrrh that are used are about 2 meters in height. Traditionally, the cuttings are planted close together and are reinforced with thorn bushes, so the predators can’t either break or jump into the pen. In this manner, nocturnal lion attacks are prevented. According to experience, the dry season from July to September is best to build these kind of fences. During that period the tree cuttings have enough time to develop roots for water uptake before the rain season starts. Especially in areas where the myrrh does not occur in large quantities, we support the Maasai in the construction of such natural protective barriers. We work together with other organizations and contribute to the relatively high transport costs for example in providing tractors for getting the tree cuttings...






Primary school Loiborsoit would like to continue the WFP supported meals project

After four years the Meals Project at the primary school Loiborsoit which was conducted by WFP (World Food Programme) officially expired end of March 2014. During this time, the primary school has received support in the form of food (corn and soybeans). With this more than 600 pupils got served a hot lunch that had been cooked in the school kitchen. From April to July, the project was continued with the help and support of private donors, but now it definitely faces its end. Therefore we are looking for potential supporters to cover the annual demand of 150 bags @100kg of maize 40 sacks @100kg of soybeans and 600 liters of cooking fat also in the future...






Glimmer of hope for the Oloisuki project

It is a great desire of the village government Loiborsoit and of all involved Maasai women that the Oloisuki project will be continued. LIRDO (Loiborsoit Integrated Rural Development Organisation) and the village government have asked the Simanjiro district government for help. Together with representatives of the district government, they met up with the lawyer and author of the Internet publication "Oloisuki - A tale of biopiracy in the Maasai steppe, Tanzania" (document officialy withdrawn by EED). He was informed about all the activities that were required to implement the proposed project. In this regard, he was asked to evaluate the project in terms of biopiracy once again. Herewith, the blame-risk should be eliminated and thus the planned production and launch of the Oloisuki syrup in Switzerland could be continued...





Pump house for solar water pump completed – Thanks from Loiborsoit!

Since mid-May 2014, the Loiborsoit well runs by the new solar water pump. All villagers would like to thank you again for your support. For operating the new water pump, an agreement was negotiated with the village government. Enkaina-e-retoto and our Swedish partner organization "SSL" demanded to form a water committee by the village government to regulate the pumped volume and price of drinking water. Meanwhile, a fence was built around the installed solar panels to prevent damage due to free-range livestock. Also the pump house was completed according to plan...





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